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Gas – Nature’s Way To Natural Gas Humor

We’ve all been there once or twice, or numerous if you are me, in our lives. We will be walking around, doing our shopping and minding our own business when it happens. The “when it happens” would be the pain. The kind of abdominal pain that signals to that over-stuffed mushy thing between our ears that a very real and humiliating experience is coming on and all the pinching, squeezing of cheeks while praying that you’ll never do another bad thing in your life again if you could only be spared this one last time prayer that you do will not stop, nor help your cause. You are about to fart. It will most likely be loud, obnoxious and extremely embarrassing, unless of course, it was performed under intentional causes. Then it will be considered humor to you and an act of war to them. Butt (pun intended), if it isn’t performed under intentional acts and if you have enough farting experience under your belt and believe me when I say it all starts there, you’ll be able to squeek off an S.B.D. also known to the fart professional as the Silent But Deadly. The type that is completely inaudible to the listening ears but deadly to those that bear the burden of its stench.Intestinal gas, A.K.A. farting, has been around as long as man as been around. Women, have only started farting in the past couple hundred years or so they claim. Though the sickly sweet of innocence that violates our nostrils and strangles our air passages tells us differently. Different personalities will determine the type of fart that will offend those around and make the farter’s life more enjoyable to live. It is a very sad but very true fact that farting enriches the life of the participator in some manner. Whether it be the sudden deflation of the bloated gut or the plain fact that the home-made, not-so-aromatic scent just completed a universal violation of offense upon another unexpecting, innocent human being or beings. For plural terms, it is assumed you are in a well crowded area, party or hanging out at zoos. In either case, the one participating in the fart, I like to refer to them as the “farter”, has made his / her day that much brighter and will show this immediate sense of relief by displaying a grand smile and audiolizing loud sighs while a look of serenity blankets their face. The “fartee”, or the one(s) being assaulted, will immediately be known to you and others through sudden looks of disgust, name calling, gagging or violent waves of vomitting followed by sudden loss of consciousness. Not even the most skilled of trained emergency personel will be able to revive them. May the afterlife be all the more pleasant for them.As stated earlier, the characteristic of the farter, does in-fact, have some bearing on the type of gassy orchestra you will witness, smell and hear. The brave offenders are the louder and more offensive types. They usually sound like a freight train coming at you at unbearable speeds or an automobile with a bad or no muffler. They are also the ones that will peform the “Trapped Down Under”, also known as the “Dutch Oven” on unwitting loved ones lying peacefully next to them. For those that don’t know what those are, it is having someone trap your head and a cloud of colon steam under the blanket with no way out and no fresh air coming in. It’s sick, cruel and 100% hilirious for those doing the trapping. I highly recommend having a case of salt snaps, a camera and a box of tranquilizer darts nearby when performing this deed for the following reasons.1. Salt Snaps – These little babies will help your victim regain consciousness after passing out. Just snap them under the victims nose and they should awaken. Be warned, their tongue may have swelled during the attack and may need to be dislodged from the throat to allow air passage before attempting to bring them to a state of normal alertness. Drowsiness and signs of brain damage may be present in the newly awakened but there is no cause for alarm as this is normal for dutch oven victims.
2. Camera – Nothing more than a capturing device for evidence of attack. Best if camera is a video recorder. After applying the salt snaps to the victim’s nasal senses, immediately start recording. The “what happened and why does my face burn” look will be a family favorite that can be viewed at all occasions. Preferably major holidays and weddings.
3. Tranquilizer Darts – You will need these if the awakened dutch oven victim starts foaming at the mouth, spewing forth latin and turns their head in a complete circle. This can only mean that you royally angered them and they will seek a murder victim. The darts, if well placed into the victim’s body, should slow them down, if not put them into a safe slumber long enough to allow you ample time to run away and find shelter. It would be best to seek a professional animal control officer’s opinion on what types of tranquilizers would be best for royally angered dutch oven victims. It’s always best to be safe than sorry. Having to find out you picked an adrenaline booster instead of a sleeping agent the hard way means you are facing death or permanent scarring.
The quieter and more timid, will try to hide in a bathroom, closet or cover up the sound splits with a quick cough or clearing of the throat. You can usually spot them in the middle of a field or body of water away from all forms of life and sometimes covering their eyes because they have been taught that if they can’t see you, then you can’t see them. My personal favorites are the quieter but slighty more brave than the average timid participant. These are the types that will perform the quick cough, leg shift maneuver in a dark, crowded movie theatre where everyone is involved because everyone is being blamed for the intrusive butt bomb. In this scenerio, no one is safe and if you are the farter, it is always best just to remain focused on the screen, eat your popcorn and pretend it doesn’t exist. By looking around you will attract unneeded attention to yourself; possibly giving away that you are responsible for the vile, flesh eating smell of bodily decay and ending your pleasant evening at the movies. The exits to the right or left of the screen work wonders when trying to escape a mob of victimized movie goers.The mischievous types who love an excellent sick prank, will always try to target those nearest to them. For example, a neighboring co-worker who leaves the sanctuary of their cubicle, may find themselves in a noxious cloud of intestinal spray upon coming back and having the whole episode caught on camera. Nothing better to cheer you up like ionized intestinal spray, laughter and being the “Please, no autographs, I’m just doing my part to bring joy to the world” star in an office fart sequel. They, being the sick pranksters they are, will also try to trick you into becoming a victim of a singing sphincter. Ever hear of the ole “Pull My Finger” trick? I bet you have. I know I have. I personally have been a victim of it. Something I am not proud of which ended up causing a permanent, negative psychological effect on me. I can no longer hear the sounds of balloons popping without crawling into the fetal position, crying uncontrollably and sucking my thumb. I don’t like to talk about it for obvious reasons. To remain fair and honest, I, myself, took that same knowledge that was forced upon me and passed it along to those I pre-selected to be my volunteer victims. Something that I do like to talk about because it makes me laugh and brings me sick pride and joy. My way of thinking was this: It was done to me so I can do it to others. For this, two wrongs do make a right and I’d rather be on the finger pulled end, not the one doing the finger pulling. Get my drift? I know you do because you’re thinking the same way. If you’re not, then you seriously need to reevaluate your position in life.My advice to you would be this. If you encounter, see or even as much as think anyone is engaging in any of those mentioned acts above, make your safety and your life first priority and take the nearest fire exit. Do not use the elevators! You only risk running into the offender or a friend of a friend of an offender and being trapped in a box of ‘get-me-the-heck-out-of-here-I’m-losing-consciousness’ fumes. If you do take the elevators, you are taking your life into your hands and no insurance company will pay out the death benefit to those left behind due to the “death from intestinal gas, natural or unnatural, holy or unholy, friendly fire or enemy forced will void out the death benefit if such acts could have been avoided with direct knowledge.” exlusion. Don’t believe me? Read the fine print. I would explain this but I’m not a lawyer, please seek your agent or lawyer for legal advise.

The True Value of the Small Business Consulting Community

The Small Business IT consulting community is a dynamic and exciting community to be active in at this time. Many different opportunities are gaining some serious momentum in this underserved marketplace in Canada. The Small Business marketplace will be the fastest-growing segment in the information technology market. Currently, approximately 97% of the businesses in Canada have five hundred employees or less, which equates to a fantastic market to specialize in.Microsoft launched their Small Business Specialist program in the summer of 2005 at their annual partner conference. Since that time, a number of information technology consulting firms have taken advantage of this program to commence their consulting practice. The Small Business Specialist program is designed to promote Microsoft’s offerings to small business. It establishes SBSC members as leaders in the small business IT consulting marketplace that has been thrust into the spotlight for growth potential.The Small Business Specialist program serves as a best resource for IT professionals to access information, promotions, partnership opportunities and assistance to service a small business oriented client base. Groups have emerged on international, national and regional levels that assist the small business specialist in obtaining not only technical but also important business assistance. In addition, each year SMB Nation brings together the small business consulting community to network, learn, share and play.The small business consulting community has grown out of the leadership of corporations like Microsoft, SonicWALL, and Symantec. It has also grown because of people like Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation and several other leaders in the community. Their leadership has provided Small Business Specialists with additional resources to sharpen their craft long before the official launch of programs from corporations like Microsoft.The SMB community is open to sharing experiences, ideas, concepts and best practices so that emerging IT companies can seek knowledge to develop and grow. “I like focusing on a market segment where I can really get to know my clients and have a direct, tangible impact on their businesses,” claims Jeff Anderson, General Manager of Red Deer’s Bulletproof Networks, the city’s leading Small Business Specialist. Business development, however, is often overlooked by those text book technicians who have decided to start their own businesses. Learning from others in the SBSC community allows the small business consultants like Jeff to learn two or three markets and become the expert specialist in that field in order to have the potential to gain new business clients.New service offerings are demanding small business consultants start planning now on how to bring them to their client base. Clients today are in search of options that are evolving and they must be presented in a manner and language that they understand. Managed services, remote monitoring, software and hardware as services are starting to gain some traction in the market and as a new offering they need to be available from their SMB consultant. Small businesses want a company that they can trust. “When you and your peers are representative of 97% of the Canadian marketplace, it makes sense to be working with the very businesses that share the same concerns and deal with the same issues you do. Who better to give them the right tools to succeed?” states Elisabeth Vandervelt of Conamex International, an award winning Microsoft Small Business Specialist in Montreal.Today’s small businesses need innovative solutions to keep them competitive in the fast paced, on-demand, we-needed-it-yesterday and downtime-is-not-an-option environment we call today’s business world. SBSC members have the luxury and the ability to have direct interaction with decision makers therefore sales cycles are generally shorter while the demand for services has never been higher.Another luxury in the small business community is the ability to share work with each other across regional, national and international boundaries. Many firms are partnering locally to provide a one stop shop for their clients who need a specialized service or coverage in other locations where their clients may have a remote user or branch office. Partnering in the SBSC community is critical to the success of the small business consultant’s business since it gives small firms the reach and abilities of a much larger IT company and can be the their advantage over their competition in today’s marketplace.The Small Business Specialist can rest assured that they have the pride and recognition of a job well done combined with a community to back them up. All of these positive aspects provide an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for participants in the SBSC program.I reflect back to when my youngest son was in Beavers and their leaders consistently reminded them of the Beaver motto, the same motto that is the cornerstone of the SBSC community and all other small business consulting groups: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing! Share your successes with others; help others who are struggling; and share of yourself to make our community strong.

The True Essence of Digital Marketing in Dubai Real Estate

Digital Marketing brings about great evolution in the field of marketing and regardless of what industry the concept is interpreted, there is always room for innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, this concept is not well adopted by Dubai Real Estate in the recent times, and a Pied Piper (of Hamelin) approach has been followed by most of the digital marketers which is losing the true essence of Digital Marketing. Most marketers try to copy the concept of one another and sometimes unlawfully even disguise their artwork concepts to catch leads online which although works great for numbers but it is almost zero when it comes to conversion because of quality.In the basics of marketing, it is taught that every product has its own unique selling proposition (USP) and thus has a different target audience, where one marketing strategy cannot be applied to all. The setback of not following this concept has brought about digital marketing to such a stage where almost the same advertisements are being exposed to same audience over and over again via social media, emails, SMS and online portals which dilutes the interest and confuses a genuine client to what should be opted for amidst this war of similar offerings around all digital channels. Additionally in this process there has been a huge wastage of resource occurred that could have been capitalized better if an optimal utilization approach was adopted. One of the major reason witnessed behind this scenario is the gap that exists between marketing team and their on-ground experience of real estate. Generally, the organizations when they outsource their marketing campaigns to external agencies the objective of both the parties are different where the organization intends to save cost for the marketing campaign and on the other hand the marketing agencies focus on generating more numbers in leads so they can argue on their next contract renewals. In the whole process the essence of advertising the USP of the property is deprived and instead of targeted marketing, the approach goes to mass marketing concept which then again goes against the literature of digital marketing. The only party happy in this scenario is the service provider that are Google and Facebook as their business earns more revenue as the competition gets intense and companies are willing to pay more for the same campaign.The digital marketing especially social media, SEO and SEM works mainly on bidding structure for a certain set of audience, and of course the mightier bid wins the race, but a well experienced marketer would always opt for an optimal bidding strategy on a specific target segment which would reduce down the cost per qualified lead significantly and eventually would utilize the concept of digital marketing to the fullest. It is high time now that marketers and especially digital marketers should realize the full potential of digital marketing and bridge the gap between knowledge of Dubai Real Estate and marketing approach which would immediately provide better results. The second step includes researching on the appropriate target audience for a specific property and justifying the time spent on this research which would discriminate quality versus quantity at large.The culprit of this situation cannot be solely blamed upon digital marketers, rather the industry leaders and deciding management have also contributed to a large extend where they have missed out on allocating the right resources at the right time on the right places. Firstly, it is highly suggested to conduct digital marketing in-house since the stakeholders involved in the campaign are many at times exposed to sensitive data of clients and an in-house marketing resource would be not only be focused more upon generating quality leads, but would abide by the values of the organization and would not put up fake or flashy ads which in the long run only results in wastage of monetary resources. Additionally, there should always be an experienced real estate personnel working closely with the marketing team to ensure the research and messages are appropriate and accurate. In the event that organization intends to outsource marketing campaigns, it is highly advised to allocate an experienced personnel as a point of contact for the agency who would not only monitor the progress but would work closely to devise campaigns and messages which only would ensure success in the long run.Although, the current situation depicts not a very good picture for digital marketing in Real Estate, but if this Pied Piper approach is not followed and right tools are used by the right person with the right resources, there is still a lot to be extracted from the benefits of digital marketing.

What Defines a Serious Business Buyer?

Individuals who desire to purchase an established small business must be well prepared before the search process begins. Well managed, profitable and successful businesses are in short supply and very high demand. Business owners and business brokers alike have little patience and interest in wasting their valuable time with buyers who have not taken the appropriate steps to demonstrate that they are fully prepared to acquire a business.How does a buyer define themselves as being a “serious” candidate and not a casual, curious, tire kicker? The goal of this article is to outline the steps that a business buyer should take in advance so that they can stand out and be recognized as a serious and credible buyer?Let’s start with a few examples demonstrating who is NOT a serious candidate.

I want to buy a small business in the area but am not sure what type yet. Can you send me information on three of the businesses you have listed for sale – the industrial manufacturing business, the durable medical equipment company, and the online retailer?

I am still working at my current job but am contemplating leaving the firm and purchase a business within the next couple of years.

My background is entirely in the printing industry but I want to make a change and thought about buying a wholesale chemical products company.

I have a little money saved up but need to get a loan to purchase a business. I am not sure how much I would qualify for or how large a business I could afford.

I want to buy a business but will need the seller to finance the purchase. I will pay them back entirely out of the future cash flow of the company.
Preparing a business for sale takes considerable work on behalf of the business broker and seller. Just a few of the steps include valuing the business, preparing the Confidential Business Review (executive summary), and organizing all of the corporate, financial, and tax documents. For a buyer to be recognized as a serious candidate, they too have work that needs to be accomplished prior to being in a position to venture in the marketplace and begin assessing business opportunities.So, what makes a buyer a serious candidate?

Personal profile and resume
Construct a detailed personal profile and biography. Not only will the seller need to see this document but any bank requires this as well. A resume is just a starting place. The document should cover the following questions:

What is your education and work experience?

Who will be buying the business? Just you, you and your spouse, a partner, an investor?

Why you are interested in buying a business?

What is your investment criteria?

What transferrable skills do you possess that qualify you for managing the business?

How will you be financing the acquisition? If bank funding will be utilized, a prequalification letter should be included. How much money do you have for a down payment?

What is your timetable to complete the acquisition?

Who is your advisory team? Which attorney will be drafting the Asset Purchase Agreement and facilitating the closing? Do they have experience with business acquisitions?

What are the contingencies for the business acquisition? Do you have to leave a current job? Do you have to secure funding from a partner or a bank? Do you have to relocate and sell a house?
How will the buyer be funding the purchase?Buyers should be knowledgeable about the size of business they are qualified to purchase. Will the buyer be utilizing personal funds for the transaction or will third party financing be used? Most acquisitions (without real estate) require 25% of the purchase price as a down payment. (Funds needed for closing costs and working capital are often provided as part of the loan package and can be financed.)Buying and selling a small business requires a two way exchange of information. The buyer should be ready to disclose the amount they can invest and have a detailed plan on how they will finance the entire transaction. The idea that the seller is going to finance the sale is not a plan and this type of buyer will be quickly dismissed. Business brokers can be a great source for recommendations on which lenders are appropriate and likely to finance the business they represent.The buyer should have a current personal financial statement prepared. If bank financing will be utilized, the buyer should be clear on their borrowing capacity and have a lender prequalification letter in hand (a banker can prepare this in a matter of hours). Don’t expect the broker or business seller to provide complete access to sensitive and confidential business documents without receiving assurances that the buyer has the appropriate resources to either purchase the business outright or obtain a business acquisition loan.What industry experience or transferrable skills does the buyer have?The optimal situation is when the prospective buyer has direct industry experience. This is especially pertinent when bank financing will be involved. Obviously, every business is different and each will have unique requirements for successful ownership. For some businesses, the buyer may be able to satisfy this requirement by having related practical work experience or transferrable skills. Certain businesses may require licenses, certifications, or a particular expertise to operate. If the buyer does not possess these it will be critical to confirm that there is a manager or key employee in place that has these qualifications. In other situations, the business may be very specialized and a buyer lacking a critical credential will be disqualified from obtaining bank funding. These issues should be discussed early in the process as the business broker will need to determine if you are managerially qualified to operate the business.What is the type of business the buyer is seeking and why?A serious buyer has developed a detailed and concise “investment criteria” for the business they seek to acquire. Several of investment criteria attributes will include the type of business, the industry, the geographic location, the size of business, and the price/value of the enterprise.Serious buyers will focus on enterprises which are suited to their background and qualifications. A buyer who inquires about an industrial packaging distributer, a restaurant, and a custom millwork company will not be treated as a serious candidate. Having an investment criteria that relates only to “profitable businesses” or “those businesses which generate a minimum of $150,000 in cash flow” without regard to the business type, industry served, geographic location, and size is a clear red flag that the candidate has not put the proper time into honing their acquisition objective.

Realistic expectations.
Successful entrepreneurs recognize that there is no such thing as a perfect company. Business ownership involves taking on some level of risk and acquiring a business is no different. Buyers who seek to purchase a business 100% free of any flaws will be searching for a very long time. There will be areas of improvement for every business and the buyer will have to make a decision as to which negative elements are acceptable and which ones are not. Buyers who are too risk adverse may just not be cut out for small business ownership and being an employee is a more suitable career objective.Additionally, buyers often fail to realize that there is a limited supply of great businesses for sale… those that have year over year revenue growth, excellent profits, and bright prospects for continued advancement. Many of these businesses sell for the full listing price and for these types of successful businesses, buyers should be careful when submitting an offer less than 90% of what it is listed at. Most of the time there are a multiple buyers who are evaluating the business and those candidates who submit, either a low-ball offer or an offer with unrealistic terms attached, will be wasting the valuable time of all parties involved not to mention possibly burning a bridge with the business seller and eliminating themselves from consideration.

Ability to react quickly
A serious buyer is well organized, has done their research, and knows what they want and what they can afford. They are decisive and capable of moving through the process in a timely and methodical fashion. If a partner, spouse, or investor will be involved in the acquisition, these individuals are consulted with in advance and are in agreement with the defined objectives. If advisors will be assisting in the evaluation, the advisors are aware of the acquisition search and are on standby for their assignment.A serious buyer should have an understanding of how businesses are valued in addition to a comprehension of the typical steps in the acquisition process. They are prepared with a list of well thought and detailed questions designed with the objective of determining if the opportunity meets their investment criteria. A serious buyer recognizes that a quick no is far better than a slow no and they tackle those gating issues from the outset that would disqualify the business from being acquired. Once the opportunity is qualified a serious buyer is in a position to make a ‘realistic offer’ and provide a letter of intent or terms sheet. A professional support team has been identified for the drafting the Asset Purchase Agreement and facilitating the transaction closing. Lastly, a serious buyer will understand the due diligence process and already have their checklist in place. Funding for the acquisition has been planned and money for an earnest money deposit is liquid and available.

Professional Communication
A serious buyer is honest, direct, and forthcoming. Now is not the time to be cagey, cute, or evasive. You want to convey at the earliest opportunity your investment criteria, time table, financial wherewithal and reasons for pursuing the acquisition. This type of communication will build a foundation of trust and honest dialog in the weeks ahead. One viable solution for a serious buyer is to retain a business broker to assist with the search and business qualification. This approach provides far better results than a haphazard approach of firing off requests for information on any business posted on-line that catches their fancy. The business-for-sale industry is not the real estate industry. There are no open houses. This is a highly confidential process where professionals are involved and retained to protect the sensitivity of the business for sale data. A buy-side broker is paid by the prospective buyer for the time, energy, and work that is generated on their behalf. They are compensated to produce results.There is nothing worse than going through the myriad of steps in preparing a business for sale to find a buyer that is not properly prepared nor has gone through the logical thought, planning, and preparation steps for acquiring a business. We have outlined the information that a business broker and seller needs when qualifying a candidate as a serious buyer. In order to close a transaction all of this information is required so it best that the buyer come prepared with this data at the outset. Few parties in this arena, want to have their time wasted or patience tested. The bottom line is that when you find the right business you are in a position to act and make a realistic offer. Successful businesses are few and far between and often receive multiple offers. Why should the business broker and seller invest time in you?

Looking for Ways To Finance a Franchise? There Is Only 1 Way When Financing a Franchise Investment!

You’re there. You have made the decision. You’re committed. You have timelines now. We’re talking about your franchise finance decision and the next challenge you have in the franchise process – financing a franchise. How many ways to finance a franchise are there? Only one… the right way! And we’ll show you how.The ability to finance your franchise properly and satisfy the requirements of the franchisor without putting you overly in debt is what it’s all about of course. And if you do it right then you of course have the potential to grow a business, profit from it, and build owner equity for either long term resale of personal financial gain. That’s simply what it’s all about, and boy does it help if you like what you are doing, at the same time taking on the entrepreneurship role in Canadian business.The good news is that your are lucky, because franchising couldn’t be any hotter or more popular. Franchises move goods and services in the billions in Canada, and you’re now part of that movement.But let’s be realistic, whether it’s a franchise investment of any other business start up the same critical needs apply relative to planning and financing.Homework. Did you hate it in school? Well here it is again because we strongly suggest to clients that you are now in homework mode when determining how financing a franchise works. It’s all about planning, which includes ensuring you have a profitable potential business on your hands, as well as understanding ways to finance a franchise in Canada.Business plans are critical to your franchise investment. It’s a case of demonstrating your business has both profit potential plus, and this is what interests the lender, that you have the ability to repay your debt and loans. The franchisor naturally is interested in long term success of the chain, and your ability to pay royalties as they become due, usually monthly.When you address the franchise finance decision you must consider a number of items – they are as follows – what is the total all in cost, what methods are available to finance each part of the cost breakdown, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, how is the actual financing done.The costs to assess in a franchise finance investment are as follows – the initial franchise fee, the cost of fixed assets or leaseholds to your business – i.e. equipment, signage, vehicles if required, etc. And finally, if you did all that and didn’t address working capital for ongoing operations and growth then you are setting yourself up for failure.Clients are always looking to us for a magic solution and a one stop finance strategy for their franchise investment. The closest we can come to that is the government BIL/CSBF loan, under which the majority of franchises are financing in Canada. You can successfully augment this strategy by equipment financing for a variety of assets as well as a small working capital loan, usually unsecured. Don’t forget also that your own owner equity investment becomes the final piece of the puzzle.And getting back to our business plan, ensure that you have covered off all the debt you need and that if reflects your ability to pay it back.Financing a franchise. Challenging? Yes, we guess so. Possible? Of course. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor with franchise experience who will help you navigate, successfully, the only way to finance your new business – the right way!

Psychic Entertainment

Did you know what the latest ‘must have’ elite entertainment could bis in vogue? You may now find psychic entertainers at premiere profile corporate banquets as well as at exclusive events.A clairvoyant is no not just only for spooky parties! Sixth Sense Entertainers and their paranormal are enjoying their skills emerging from the closet and being on complete public display. Psychic clairvoyant can be found today out in the main stream, entertaining event’s and corporate clients in the most of events and corporate events, not just at private friends parties.How does it work?
Your guest/client can quiz the psychic a question about any issue going on in his or her lives, give a palm print, a personal possession or even a sample of their handwriting if graphology is used and Aura reading. The psychic may use different tools to produce a reading such as: Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Psychometry and even Graphology. Your guests may then often react in a very positive way to their psychic consultation. Both guest and clients appear increasingly attracted to this old world form of entertainment with a real up to date angle rather than the more traditional. Guest and clients at celebrations and high brow events are equally enjoying their experience with the unexplained and very much relishing doing so.Why is this?
Simply because- it’s all about them!
They may often delight in the peace, pampering and uplifting experience that will often stay with them long after their psychic has entertained them. Unlike other forms of entertainment that are viewed or experienced and then quickly discarded, a psychic consultation will often remain in your guest minds as a moving, fun & and memorable event. Readings may be performed privately in a quiet room or space privately for maximum enjoyment.Dealing with Skeptics?
It appears that the most ardent skeptics and business folk are enjoying this psychic gift as much as regular believers. Who doesn’t glance at their astro sign predictions from time to time? Who secretly enjoys the luxury pass time of obtaining a psychic reading on a regular basis? You may perhaps be quite surprised to know that many psychics have persons from all spheres of life among their clients, from ‘A Listers’ – librarians, top flight business people to entrepreneurs, they are even hired by some of the planets top companies to help with matters such as head hunting the right employee for an important position!It may appear odd to some in our time of high tech technology and fast pace living that psychics are very well established in our times and the fascination in the paranormal which shows no signs of ending any time now.Will my guest/clients like this entertainment?
Consider this, many of us have at least a vague understanding of psychic ability and the paranormal and unknown area is as popular today as any time in history. The majority off people have had their palm read, obtained an astrology report and even law enforcement agencies world wide are known to have used the use of a psychic from time to time. In the past even our politicians and world leaders through history such as Winston Chruchill have engaged the services of psychics and astrologers, this fact is very well documented. We all long to to hear about ourselves and find it evoking to be told personal future predictions. An pro psychic will get a balance, between light and fun for you function and entertaining and engaging the party guest’s on a personal level.Choose wisely. Avoid simply engage anyone, take the time to locate the best psychic for your event, preferably with proven experience at entertaining at such event in the now long gone times. Take care that you engage an genuine, ethical and trained and pro psychic to enthrall your personal guests and I would guess- your preferred form of entertainment will go down extremely well indeed with your special guests and priority business clients.Will a party psychic entertainer be well received?
Whatever your personal opinion on psychic world, of this you can be reasonably sure: your party guests will be talking about your special event & unique party entertainment for a long into the far reaching future.

Is Google Chrome Right For Your Business?

When Microsoft first developed its Internet Explorer browser in 1995, the web was a very different environment. Now the static text-based pages of the early days have evolved into interactive applications that blur the line between online and offline, the team at Google felt it was time to reinvent the browser. In September this year the first beta version of its Chrome browser for PCs was released as an open-source free download.Microsoft still has around 80% of the market, and almost everyone else is using its main competitor, Mozilla’s Firefox. Just four days after Chrome’s launch it was suggested that Google had already taken 1% of the market, but there’s still a very long way to go before Chrome is considered a real player, let alone a serious rival to Internet Explorer.Reviews have been largely favorable but before business users get too excited about the shiny new browser and rush to switch, there are a number of considerations.One of Google’s core aims for Chrome is for it to be more secure than other browsers. Chrome regularly downloads updates of two blacklists for phishing and malware, and warns users when they attempt to visit a harmful site. Chrome also has a private browsing mode, Incognito, that prevents the browser from storing history information and cookies from the websites visited.Chrome’s developers rejected the way browsers have traditionally been built and came up with an architecture where every tab, site and plug-in has its own separate process. This prevents malicious software from installing itself: a harmful program running in one tab is unable to ‘sniff’ credit card numbers, interact with the mouse, or tell Windows to run it on start-up, and will be terminated when the tab is closed. This has the additional benefit of making the browser much less likely to crash – a real weakness of Internet Explorer – and so meets Google’s second aim of making a more stable browser.Stability is also strengthened by Chrome being very PC-memory friendly, with a process management tool called ‘Task Manager’ that allows users to see which sites are taking the most memory and downloading the most bytes. This could help businesses that have to deal with hundreds of workers going to demanding sites to control access to websites that are simply too demanding for their network and internet connection.Google’s third aim was speed. It wanted Chrome to be super-fast, and tests against Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and Safari, show it does indeed function faster.While Chrome does what Google set out to do, however, a number of concerns have already surfaced. The most alarming of these as far as businesses were concerned was a clause in Chrome’s licensing agreement that appeared to give Google the right to do whatever it wanted with all content loaded onto commercial websites through Chrome. When this was flagged up, Google immediately modified the small print to remove the offending sections. It also acted fast to remedy a serious flaw that allowed a malicious web page to crash the whole browser.These two potential problems are a side-effect of Chrome’s current incarnation being a beta, or test, version of the software. In other words, by Google’s own admission it’s very much a work in progress, and while issues from security glitches to web pages and applications that don’t work properly on Chrome are to be expected, this may deter companies from embracing a piece of software that is still a little rough around the edges. The flip side of this is that because Chrome is open-source, anyone can edit and improve the code, so in theory an IT manager could add a security update without waiting for Google to fix the problem.The fact that that Chrome isn’t Internet Explorer also has good and bad points for business. As well as avoiding the frequent crashes Microsoft’s browser is known for, companies that like to avoid Microsoft in general may like to see another alternative, particularly from Google, which can do no wrong in many eyes. But most businesses are immersed in the world of MS applications and development tools. Internet Explorer is not only the default browser of their IT infrastructure, but is required to get full functionality from their other software.This question of compatibility extends further: the current version of Chrome is for PC only, and although Google is working on versions for Mac and Linux, this rules Chrome out at the moment for any businesses – including in many creative sectors – that run on these operating systems. Chrome is also not viable if your business runs on ActiveX web applications, as it does not support ActiveX.Chrome’s user interface has some interesting features which might help employees work faster and smarter. Some reviewers have said it really understands what people want to do with a browser, with features like the ‘Omnibar’ search function, and thumbnail views of the nine most visited sites and recent bookmarks. And when users create a shortcut for a web application, Chrome strips away all of the toolbars and tabs, leaving something that feels much more like a desktop application than the internet. But other features we’ve become used to are not yet included, such as a way to manage bookmarks, a command for emailing links and pages directly from the browser, and even the progress bar to show how much of a web page has loaded.Chrome is to be admired for its speed, elegance and usefulness. It’s a re-imagining of the browser to reflect the way individuals use the internet, and despite some problems it’s been received well. Companies may consider Chrome too young to even think about switching from Internet Explorer or Firefox just yet, but there’s no doubt business users will be watching with interest to see what Google does next to buff up even more of a shine on its first browser.

3 Ideas to Ick-Proof Your Brand

Do you ever feel like your brand is out of alignment with your values system? Like you have to do things in your marketing that you wouldn’t want your mother or your mentor to see?If you said “yes”, I’m curious: why is your brand icky?Your brand is made up of the look, the feel and the experience of doing business with you.Does it look like a mess? Is your design all over the place? Have you outgrown them and become more sophisticated and evolved?Does it feel pushy or sleazy? Are you using tactics that you think you need to use to make sales? Do you find that when you market, you wind up feeling like a slimeball?Is the experience in your brand one where your clients feel comfortable, cherished and welcomed? Do they understand what’s going on every step of the way with you, so that they know how to make the most of their time working with you? Or do they feel like you’re just trying to get them to buy, and then rushing through the deliverable so you can move on to the next client?In any case, an icky brand is no fun. It’s gross and uncomfortable, for both you and your clients.Join me in stamping out ickiness in branding.Your brand should represent you with integrity and make you proud. Your marketing should make your precious, ideal clients feel special, honored and seen. And once you welcome new clients in, they should be made comfortable and really taken good care of – throughout the process of working with you.What if you could move away from the icky energy of trying to “make” them click this, opt-in, buy from you, or rush through your service delivery, and create a brand you’re proud of and that your clients love?Here’s 3 ideas for how you can create your ick-proof brand:Brand from your values. There’s a lot of talk about creating a brand that “targets a niche” or “stands out”. While those are both things to consider, they’re certainly not the place to start from in your brand.With standing out and branding for your clients, then you’re reaching outside of and shining the light on things outside yourself. Which are both important perspectives to consider in your brand, this leaves out the most important part of your brand of all – aligning your brand with your values.Your values – what you think is right and what you think is wrong – show up in your brand in a lot of ways: They show up in your:
Core positioning: What you and your brand stand for.
Words and tone: How you speak about your beliefs and the level of passion and conviction you convey.
Consistency: If you’re not in alignment with your values, your brand will be inconsistent and all over the place. Once you’re aligned, consistency becomes easy.
Affiliations and recommendations: Are you promoting for profit or because the people you recommend will help your clients?
And, really, everywhere and all throughout your brand.
Know that you’re not strapped into your brand’s look forever. If your brand’s look has gotten messy, your business has outgrown your brand, then never fear! You can always evolve and change your brand to make it look as good as possible, and to match the current level of sophistication in your brand.There’s a common belief about branding – that when you design your brand, you’re stuck with it for life. There’s nothing that could be further from the truth.In fact, here’s the thing… when you’re an evolving, growing, learning entrepreneur who’s always going deeper into how you serve your clients, I don’t think that it’s possible to design your brand at the beginning and then have it be relevant for the life of your business.You’re learning, growing and changing. Your clients are becoming more sophisticated as they work with you. Your brand needs to grow and change with you as you evolve, and as they grow with you – to keep up with how awesome you’ve become.Your charge is… to evolve and stretch it with care and in a way that keeps your clients comfortable.Take excellent care of your clients after they buy. The emphasis in branding is on marketing and selling. This approach doesn’t take into account the most important part of your brand – the experience that your clients get with you after they buy your services.There’s a statistic that 20% of your clients will make up 80% of your business. That’s a comfy place – where you’re serving a small, close-knit group so well. You can really transform them!In order to make that magic ratio happen, you’ve got a responsibility to your clients – you’ve got to induce mutual comfy-ness. Make them feel welcome and secure, and like they know what’s going on throughout the process with you – so they can surrender their trust to you.These 3 ideas will give you a solid, non-icky start to creating a brand that’s inviting and welcoming.If you want to get your hands on 10 more ways to create an ick-proof brand that invites your clients in to work with you… party favor below!

Online Education – A Great Way to Get Ahead in Life

If you have ever thought about an online education to further your current career, or to get training for a new career, now is a great time to get started. In the past, some people may have thought that an online education was not of the same quality as a “traditional” education, and that it was similar to one of those “mail order” degrees. This is no longer the case. In fact, many public and private universities offer online education courses and degree programs in addition to the many other strictly online universities. You can get anything from an associate’s degree to a doctorate online and you can also get technical college degrees. For those who are not looking for an online education degree program, but just to update their professional knowledge there are many opportunities there as well.It stands to reason that one of the more popular online education offerings is computer training. You can get a degree in computer programming, or many other different computer related degrees which will put you into one of the fastest growing career fields. As you will discover many employers and businesses are coming to respect and seek out graduates who participate in these types of degree programs.But, for those who are not interested in computers as a career, you can find online education degree programs for everything from education to marketing. No matter what level you are starting at-high school graduate to doctoral candidate, you can find courses that will meet your needs.If you already have a degree and are not looking for another one, you can always update your knowledge and skills with an online education course that is geared specifically for continuing education. You can update your computer skills; get recertification training for teachers, and so on and so on. The possibilities are nearly endless.There are several advantages to pursuing a degree or training online. You can do it at your own speed in your own time. While a degree at a traditional university or college may take 2 to 4 years, you can cut that time short or stretch it out as needed. You can get loans, financial aid and flexible financing just as you would at any other school. Just be sure that the online university is accredited and that your online credits will be recognized in your chosen industry or career field. Get online and get ahead!

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have become a mainstream part of the American and world pop culture. “Social networking” is the term used to describe websites where people set up their own personal web page, use this to meet new friends and reunite with old friends, and otherwise create a network of friends and contacts on the Internet.Online social networks have become a way to keep in touch with your oldest friends in the world, share your love of games, network for love, reignite old romantic flames, or even further your career through business networking. Because tweeting and Facebooking provides such a variety of advantages and options to such a wide range of people, social network sites have become a mainstream online phenomenon.FacebookFacebook is the site people wanting to contact old classmates and childhood friends use. When you establish a page, you’ll get friend suggestions according to your current address, your childhood addresses, and the schools you attended. Once you start to add friend, you might receive suggestions from their list of friends, so that you have an ever-expanding network of people you might have known throughout your life. Eventually, you tend to reunite with dozens, if not hundreds, of old friends and acquaintances.Another aspect to Facebook is the tendency people have to meet their old boyfriends and girlfriends online and catch up on old times. Often, the nostalgia for a lost love turns into a reunion of another sorts, or people who had mutual crushes in their teen years or college days end up hooking up for romantic relationships, to see what might have been or fulfill a long-standing fantasy. This has led one preacher to deride Facebook as a “portal to infidelity”, though it should go without saying that the vast majority of people on Facebook are more interested in telling you about their kids, their spouse, and their latest trip to the grocery store. (Also, that particular preacher turned out to have a past far seedier than your average Facebook fancy.)TwitterTwitter gives people the ability to send short, pithy “tweets” to all the people in their online network. Each tweet only contains 140 characters or less, so brevity is key on Twitter. Submitting links to favorite online stories or re-tweeting other people’s tweets is a way to show people what it is you care about, as well as show what you’re following on the computer.Since a few athletes and politicians began tweeting, and since a few of these celebrities got into trouble for posting on Twitter something they didn’t entirely think through, Twitter has become a place to follow mini-scandals. A number of celebrities have become big Twitter phenoms–Ashton Kutcher most famously.MySpaceMySpace was the first huge, mainstream social networking site. MySpace began as a portal for bands, musicians, and musical artists to find jobs, bandmates, and other career opportunities. At a point, My-Space morphed into a portal for a mainstream audience, including millions of teens and tweens. While Facebook and Twitter have surpassed MySpace in the social consciousness these days, this is still a massive web presence still impacting the culture.Linked InLinkedIn specifically caters to business professionals wanting to find job, meet business contacts, and otherwise advance and network in the career field and business world. With 85,000,000 people linked into the site, this is a place anyone with a commercial venture, business skills, or need for a job should have a page on.There are a huge number and variety of social network websites out there, and you should view LinkedIn as the type of niche sites available out there. If you have a particular hobby, interest, or venture in mind, you can probably find a web address that lets you network socially online in this field of interest.